Why us?

At speakalong.in, we take an initiative to offer you simplified solution or "one-stop solution.” It integrates your e-commerce and marketing tools user-friendly or simply, "all-in-one" online solution. Our customers are capable of launching a new online business a short time-frame. The procedure includes, affiliate programs, e-mail monitoring, automatic reply, shopping cart. All the essential tasks are considered which are profitable for your online business.

Lead Generation

If you want to attain search engine traffic without the risk or commitment associated with most SEO or PPC campaigns, then, you need our aid! Our online lead generation services serve your requirements exactly.

With lead generation service of speakalong.in, you can get a new website aimed at seeking more leads. Our policy is simple and includes consumer-oriented services. Basically, we believe in serving purpose of the client making their company popular in the market through our web based lead generation services. Our experts handle all the processes to optimize your site for conversions. The next step is to promote it via SEO. PPC, search marketing and other online marketing channels are also considered for this purpose.

We notify you about the update of your website such as visitor filling out the form on the site. We send you contact information of the visitor right away through email directly to your database as you prefer. Our payment structure is very fair and based on your requirements, we charge you wisely by customizing affordable plan for you.

This type of lead-generation-focused web based marketing campaign is suffice for business owners of different needs. The following criteria are met throughout with our work:

  • Think in terms of cost per lead (CPL), cost per customer acquired (CPA), revenue per customer, lifetime customer value, etc.
  • Cost per Click and Cost per Action rightly target lead generation.
  • Large volumes of leads are handled easily.
  • All the troubles or limitations related to revision of main site, either due to issues with CMS or due to approval processes, guidelines, etc are addressed by our professionals.
  • Retainer Based Model is also employed for providing you assistance in doubling your business leads.
  • Campaign development is another significant step of lead generation, we rely on.

Last quote of wisdom which highlights speakalong.in, team’s perfect online lead generation is its goal-oriented performance. We get you leads for your official website within the time-frame specified in the beginning.


  • Only pay for the results of the affiliate program.
  • No administration fee is charged. We charge just the amount we have earned from the affiliate program.
  • Established records of accomplishment with great results.
  • Our clientele tells better about our performance.
  • Best affiliates in the affiliate program.
  • Down to business and innovative approach.
  • Affiliate market place is a bloodthirsty arena and your rivals are working hard to generate more sales. We have popular affiliates who can help in bringing traffic to your website and generate more sales from it.
  • Planned strategy according to your business, expectations, goals and objectives.
  • Targeted affiliated team working for better results.
  • Monthly reports related to project to keep you in the loop.
  • You can also learn about the results from your account manager and learn about the incoming business.

We plan the affiliate marketing strategy to improve results. We try to form such goals that right from day one, the results start showing. Being in the affiliate marketing and working with the professionals for a long time, we can understand the importance and plan it in with the long-term vision. A team of affiliates and web professionals work together on a daily basis thus giving better results. We can connect to the clients thus working with them as an extension of their marketing team. With the creative vision and innovative techniques, our affiliated programs are among the best ones.

Who we are?

Claimants of website development are many but those who live up to their words have been found to be meager. The discrepancies noticed in the work of most of the websites prove their claims false. At speakalong.in , the promising work quality, project management, return on investment and deliverable's are our strengths those distinguish us from our competitors.

Noticing an online retailing company succeeding with its business is solely a result of intelligent calls put into practice. These actions are executed by the assistance of experts who form a team collectively. Our expert professionals perform actively on the projects assigned to them. In the case of non-transactional brochure websites, this holds relevant too. Herein, people know where to click because of clever aesthetic design created by an experienced web TEAM.

We are a TEAM

The word TEAM is very component which separates us from others. We work on a project, present our point of view regarding each other’s performance.Thus, after proper assessment, we finalize the project and deliver it to the client. Our developers are familiar with latest technology which enables them to gather enquiries more efficiently. Our designers are adept in coming up with an absolute result which is enticing for your site’s visitors. Our conversion experts are well-informed about their work. In all, working in a team, our experts, at speakalong.in, come up with the website powered by business tools for your business.


If you have a right partner, then, even toughest tasks become simpler. At speakalong.in, partnerships serve the very purpose easily as well as effectively. Expand Your Reach With Us.

Our Small Business Solutions are designed to aid companies in a budgeted way. By partnering with us, you can expand your reach, increase your productivity and open up vast new revenue streams.

For firms that serve larger clients, from ad agencies and web development shops to marketing consultancies, partnering with our Agency Services group makes our online marketing expertise accessible to you. We provide an unmatched suite of online marketing services to your clients in either a referral or white-label capacity.

By getting affiliated with us, your company’s dimensions increase and thereby attracting incoming online traffic.

Digital Marketing


speakalong.in believes only in success. At speakalong.in, our ultimate focus is achieving awesome results for our clients by applying different Digital Marketing tools. With much transparency in all our activities, we make sure that our clients can focus on the smooth running of their business without being worried about the marketing activities online.

Research and Review is in our Blood

As the Online space is continuously evolving, our research button is always on. Proper testing techniques are administered with respect to all the Internet Marketing tools we employ. speakalong.in experts are extremely good at out-of-the-box thinking and have an edge in Digital Marketing techniques.

Assured Conversions and Popularity

We aim at high rankings and traffics that generates maximum conversions. We provide highly result-oriented services in SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Writing, Online Media Buying, Facebook Marketing, Video Marketing, Viral Marketing and Display Advertising. Making you the perfect brand is also of high priority to us. With us, you will see the brand go places.

We do nothing more that exploring and exploiting the online trends of this era, for increasing your ROI. Simply put, we make sure you are not lost in the online crowd, ensure more traffic to your website and work hard so that you get maximum conversions.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)


With Social Media Optimization, our sole objective is to help you build relationships. We choose the apt Social Media tools to reach out to the large number of prospective out there who are active social media participants.

With our SMO services your brand or business become an active figure that everybody likes to have a link with. Reaching the prospects at a personal level is benefitted with a bond with prospects and customers.

The targets differ with businesses and we employ customized strategies and pre-defined presentation techniques to ensure maximum reach. With the experience of successfully managing several Social Media campaigns, we know the tricks and tips of Social Media that make the customers speak about your brand.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is Powerful social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, your targeted aim ? speakalong.in can offer you a solid Social Media Promotion strategy through effective techniques viably. Techniques might be common but are handled in innovative manner.

speakalong.in is a reputed Social Media Optimization (SMO) company and Online Marketing Company of India. It offers powerful SMO services and solutions to all sized businesses.

Social media is no more reduced to an alternative, in fact, it has become a prime aspect of Internet Marketing or Search Marketing strategy. It fetches the targeted visitors and establishes a credible relationship with their customers. Maintaining a solid presence is an integral element, if you want online success of your business. Our Social Media Marketing team, at speakalong.in, is by your side to achieve your business goals.

Our team holds a rich experience in the Facebook Marketing along with the Online Search Marketing Industry. Our Social Media initiatives are accessible for businesses which are developed on small as well as large scale. Here are some reasons why you should rely on social media marketing services:

  • More inflow than outflow – Handling services solely implicates cost cutting which further means limited accessibility to the benefits. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would take you thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to give you that for free.
  • Free links - Once successfully mastered, social communities can be a great source of web traffic on top of any traffic you are already receiving from search engines. While you can’t easily increase your search engine traffic, social media traffic can be very easily controlled through strategic marketing.
  • More Exposure - Not only do you get natural links without any discernible pattern, your website is exposed to large groups of people in a spontaneous fashion. This differs from paid advertising which has obvious commercial overtones.
  • Reveal information - Find Groups and Communities: inside the social networks, we seek out the groups and communities where your target audience is gathering.
  • Engage and facilitate conversations by asking questions, launching polls, quizzes, sweepstakes.
  • Spot your Evangelists - Influencers in the community: some people will be more active than others in your fan pages, groups and blogs. Those individuals should be rewarded in order to turn them into evangelizers for your brand. This is when the true word-to-mouth starts!
  • Offer good deal - Develop incentives to draw more people and eventually create more word-to-mouth. Whether it be an eBook, a t-shirt, a coupon or any kind of virtual gift, incentives are vital to make people come back and speak about your brand to their friends.
  • Gauge results and adapt the strategy based on what worked and what didn’t. “For many businesses with Low ad budget, the Social Media Networking is their sole means of Marketing."

Social Media Marketing is a huge success due to its Friend-Of-A-Friend (FOAF) trust pattern resembling word of mouth (WOM). The FOAF model allows users to interact with network users to those who are not connected. There is a key disparity between Social networking and traditional Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click strategies. Users maintain direct connections with their friends, but to a certain extent, access to the direct connections is maintained.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Friendster prove to be valuable sales, marketing and supportive tools for your business.

How does it help?

  • Spread Positive Word-Of-Mouth.
  • Performs as Advertising and Promotions agent.
  • Augments Exposure/ Visibility and Traffic to website.
  • Protects Reputation and encourages positive conversations.
  • Maximum Viral Marketing of all time.
  • Builds Interactive Customer Service channel for your existing customers.
  • Deeper audience penetration and New Audience reach.
  • Creates awareness, enhances website traffic and footfall to stores.
  • Generates the most effective Lead Generation system.
  • Substitutes Conventional Online Advertising and Saves Marketing Investment.

Why SMO with Us

  • Conscientious research in comparison with your competitor.
  • Close monitoring and regularization of SMO activities.
  • By enhancing your brand value, we focus on turning prospects into paying customers.
  • Refinement of strategies administered as and when required.

With our definite and comprehensive strategies we ensure that you are way ahead of your competitors.

Our Clientele

Small scale and large scale businesses, individuals, various corporate all make up the list of our satisfied clients. Most of them are associated with us for long-term Social Media campaigns while the others outsource temporary Social Media activities to us.

We are always in touch

We understand our clients’ anticipation in knowing the progress and results and we are always in touch with the clients to discuss the developments.

With increasing awareness about Social Media Optimization, it is more likely that your competitors are already partying on Social Media forums. So, why wait? Call us today to discuss your Social Media campaign.

Online Media Buying


To maximize your ROI, it is important to make careful investments online. Whether you are planning to market online for a temporary promotion or you have long term objectives with digital marketing, getting you the best deal is something we just love. The size of business is not of a concern to us in negotiating the prices.

Flawless Planning and Buying for Exuberant Results

  • A plan will be made that applies solely for your business.
  • Meticulous research will be conducted to understand your audience.
  • The strategy will be formulated with an aim to get maximum result in the most cost-effective way.
  • Plan will be made in par with your budget. We try to control your purse strings to the most.
  • We negotiate every buying and get the best rates possible.

Tell us Your Goal; We Make the Perfect Buying

Whether you are aiming at immediate conversions or at branding your product/service or business, we make the perfect choice of buying spaces on search engines and ad networks.

We Understand you Better

With years of experience in media planning and buying, we understand the nature of every business and we develop best strategies that give maximum reach for your unique selling points.

Give and take

You give us the maximum possible information about your product, target, short term and long term goals and your budget; you get the best visibility and rates.

Viral Marketing


Results are all that we aim at, with viral marketing services. With target-based viral campaigns, we help you reach a large number of potential customers in a limited period of time. With peer to peer mode of communication we communicate to your target at a personal level, enabling you a better credible reach.

With our close understanding of online market we know what gets result and what doesn’t. With a comprehensive campaign, we guide your business to success.

Viral Marketing campaign denotes marketing technique which allows users to pass the message to other sites via internet. Email can be used to serve this purpose too. It is a modern online tool of marketing. A potentially exponential growth provides companies to reach targeted visitors appropriately.

Viral Marketing services attract businesses due to its delivery of practical results within a short span of time. Advertising and marketing in the form of viral web promotion techniques have taken over the traditional methods of business promotion.

Precisely, Viral Marketing campaign refers to the process of encouraging existing customers to spread information about the company's products and services. It in turn, is beneficial in attracting new customers, that too, in a large number.

Viral Marketing methods include the processes ranging from email marketing, "refer-a-friend", "pass-it-on", "send-an-article", ecards, ebook distribution, images, text messages to video email. speakalong.in is a reputed viral marketing and SEO company based in India. It fetches the clients with marketing objectives. A team of professionals, at speakalong.in put into practice, web promotion strategy for promotional campaign and related business activities on the behalf of clients.

Hotmail, now owned by Microsoft, is worth mentioning here for its realistic viral marketing approach. The site promotes its email service and its advertisers' messages towards the extreme end of Hotmail user's e-mail notes.

Our viral marketing strategy is valuable for your business.


  • We seed the most appropriate content, considering the goal of marketing as well the demographics of prospects.
  • Helps in creating and developing brand image through constant presence on social networking sites.
  • Our strategies are evolutionary, tactical, tangible, flexible and clear.
  • Regularly updates content, giving all our clients equal importance.


We work on long-run branding of products, services or individuals as well as short-run promotions for a short-period of time. We try to understand your goal in depth prior to starting the campaign. We communicate with you regularly, with follow-ups and reports.
Wish to know more about Viral Marketing services ? Call us today; it’s our pleasure to assist you.


It is our passion to create seductively good content that engages the readers with all their eyes. We do not do magic with words. We only carefully craft them in a way that it succinctly conveys the information that leads to conversion.

Be it original or re-written content, we ensure credibility of information and exquisiteness in writing. We craft content in a way that it develops the interest quotient in readers to know more about your product or service.

Precise, Simple content to achieve intricate numbers

  • Your business can be of any size or shape. We ensure you a better look with beautiful content.
  • Our experts do proper analysis and research prior to producing content that best fits you.
  • We do not believe in jargons or pidgins. We keep the contents simple, easy for readers to relate with.
  • We have all our ears open to what is happening around and create timely contents if your business calls for it.
  • We go with the motto “Just sell it” in the most seemingly naturalistic way.

We love writing articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, web copy and news feeds. Don’t worry about proof checks and where and how to place your content. Fortunately, we love doing that as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

speakalong.in is leading the way as one of the world's largest Search Engine Marketing company. It employs people throughout offices in India. speakalong.in offers a unique concept where we can help you with full End to End Internet Marketing solutions. The company’s main focus is to provide complete Internet solutions which allow Entrepreneurs along with Marketing and Sales Directors to focus on other tasks while we bring relevant visitors to their websites, which later transforms into business. Executives see speakalong.in as total provider for their Internet Marketing needs.

The most important aspect of any successful search marketing campaign is metrics. Planning, implementing, and measuring correct ROI on the site is crucial to ensuring the success of any client campaign – and speakalong.in ensures that your SEO campaign is managed optimally by making the right decisions, based on correct and timely reporting.

We strive to ensure that you remain at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution instead of just being a part of it.

Effective SEO Services

We strive to make sure that the client gets the highest level in the top positions in search engines. For Search Engine Optimization, we follow tried and tested method that we persistently improve and refine to make the most of the effectiveness of our clients' campaigns. We have the bandwidth to be able to undertake even the most demanding SEO campaigns in the most competitive markets.

SEO Process Flow:

1. Website Analysis

The initial analysis serves as a benchmark and is used to track progress as we work.

  • Website evaluation.
  • Competitors’ study.
  • Current site position.

The first step involves an in-depth analysis of the website which needs to be optimized for the Search Engines. We check the current website positioning on the Search Engines, its Search Engine Friendliness and the amount of traffic it is getting from the Search Engines.

2. Client Requirements

It is essential to understand the client requirements before any SEO work is started.

  • Objective for SEO.
  • Client’s Outlook.
  • Set Goals & Targets.

In the second step, we identify the purpose behind doing SEO. Whether the client wants to achieve high search engine rankings, increase sales, get newsletter subscribers or improve popularity ? Once we know the client expectations, we set our goals accordingly.

3. Keyword Research

Search Engines can drive traffic to your website if you achieve top rankings for your keywords.

  • Initial Keywords list.
  • Keywords List extension
  • Final list of Keywords.

Keyword Research is one of the most essential steps of any SEO campaign. The client gives an initial list of keywords and we expand it to find related keywords which can help drive traffic through the search engines. The final keywords list is approved by the client.

4. Content Writing

Search Engine Spiders consider website content an important ranking factor.

  • Keyword integration in content.
  • Landing page formation.

After the final list of keywords is discussed, we start writing content for the different sections of the website. Keywords are incorporated to the text content of the website. New pages are also added to the website and content is written for the new pages.

5. Website Optimization

Developing a Search Engine Friendly website is an essential part of on-page optimization.

  • New Navigation Plan.
  • HTML Code optimization.
  • To keep Flash and JavaScript.
  • On-page updates like Title Tags, Meta Tags, Internal Links, Headings, Images and ALT Tags.
  • Inclusion of Site Map.

The Website Optimization step involves a number of sub-steps and processes which are carried out on the website pages to make them Search Engine Friendly. We propose and implement a new navigation structure for the website if there are problems with the existing website navigation plan which can cause problems with the Search Engines. Sitemap is incorporated to the website, and the Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags are added to the website pages. Internal linking of the website is improved and heading tags and ALT Tags are added to the web pages. Page optimization is carried out to make the website Search Engine Friendly and easy to navigate by the search engine spiders.

6. Submission of Website

Submitting your website to web directories is a good way to obtain one-way links.

  • Anchor Text establishment.
  • Submission to Web information bank.
  • Search Engine Submission.

The submission process allows the website to be submitted to some of the most prominent search engines and directories on the Internet. Submission to these directories and search engines allows quick indexing of the website and its pages.

7. Link Building

Links can also help drive traffic to your website from other web pages on the Internet.

  • Getting quality link partners.
  • Contacting link partners.
  • Restoring old or removed links.

Link Building is the most important step in off-site optimization of a website. Finding quality link partners for a website can be a tedious and time consuming task. We hand pick quality sites and contact them to finalize the link deal using appropriate anchor texts in the incoming links.

8. Reporting

Reporting allows us to show our progress to the client on a regular basis.

  • Keyword positioning Reports.
  • Website Traffic Details.
  • Link Popularity Reports.
  • Targets & Goals accomplishment.

The 8 step process ensures results for our clients within the time frames we provide to the customer at the start of any project. We track our progress and give updates to the client on a regular basis. We send keyword ranking reports, website traffic reports and link popularity reports to the client every month. Web Analytics programs like Google Analytics is used to keep track of the traffic coming to the website. We also use Google Analytics to set goals and targets to achieve them.

Benefits of SEO:

If your website does not generate adequate traffic, you lose out on prospective business. Research shows that among Internet users the world over, using search engines is the most preferred way of locating new websites.

The message is clear. You cannot sustain an online presence that is not backed up with a powerful SEO program. Besides enhancing brand visibility, SEO is probably the most cost effective way of generating leads. We optimize your website for multiple keywords as well as popular search engines and back it up with campaign monitoring and comprehensive reporting. And the results speak for themselves.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

speakalong.in is establishing itself among the world's largest Search Engine Marketing companies. It is soon creating its mark as Pay Per Click advertising company which assures positive outcome through its PPC campaign management services at affordable rates. Price remains the same irrespective of business size. People contribute to the success of the company’s branches in India. With our professionals certified by Google Adwords, leads of your online business get boosted.

speakalong.in offers unique marketing solutions for the better growth of your business. The comprehensive internet solutions provided by us are suitable for entrepreneurs to enhance their Marketing and Sales’ volume. This further gives them ample time to deal with their important tasks while we fetch incoming traffic to your website. speakalong.in is an absolute solution for Internet Marketing needs.

Planning, implementing, and measuring correct ROI on the site complements client campaign precisely. speakalong.in ensures that your SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns are managed optimally subsequent to effective decision making along with accurate and timely reporting. Powerful PPC campaign is adopted and managed with the support of our PPC professionals. We make sure that you lead the digital marketing revolution instead of just contributing to it.

1. Initial Analysis

The initial analysis serves as a benchmark and tracks progress as we work.

  • Business objective setting & campaign model understanding.
  • Keyword research Excel Sheet.
  • Bid rate analysis Excel Sheet.
  • Monthly budget recommendation Doc Report.
  • Campaign structuring Excel Sheet.
  • Landing page analysis (5 Landing Pages) Excel Sheet.
  • Ad creation for 5 Ad Groups (6 per Ad Group).

2. Campaign Setup

  • Campaign setup in Google Adwords Doc Report.
  • Conversion tracking setup.

3. Testing Phase

Search Engines can drive traffic to your website after getting top ranks for your keywords.

  • Ad split testing Excel Sheet.
  • Keyword split test Excel Sheet.
  • Ad rank split test Excel Sheet.
  • Conversion testing.

4. Monthly PPC Campaign management

  • Bid management Excel Sheet.
  • Keyword modification Excel Sheet.
  • Testing of new ads Excel Sheet.
  • ROI analysis & weekly reporting.

Benefits of PPC:

  • Ideal for Short Term Advertising.
  • Drives traffic instantly.
  • Gives you complete control of where you can rank.
  • Extremely Flexible.
  • Gives you control of the keywords you want to target.
  • Gives an Immediate Return on Investment.

Pay Per Click campaign is a great way to attract traffic or Unique Visitors (UVs) to your site with minimal entry cost and high ROI. We offer complete PPC services support through Google AdWords, Yahoo ! Search Marketing, or Microsoft ad Center covering tasks such as keyword analysis, ad copywriting, search engine submission and bid monitor.

Local Search Marketing

Reach your potential customers in your local area !

Local Search Marketing is has been operating over 10 decades in the form of Yellow pages directories. The current trend for Local Search Marketing has been digitalized. Local search is becoming prominent due to its integration into the organic search results by search engines. In fact, local search can drive in traffic per month in a large number. Visitors who know exactly what they are looking for !

What is Local Search Optimization ?

Local search optimization differs from the regular SEO. Local map listing comprises of the basic details of your company ranging from business information, telephone number, street address, URL, email address, directions, maps or likewise. The relevant information about your company is mentioned in the local search. It serves the purpose of traditional yellow pages. The data you add needs to be 100% genuine as well as updated. About 20% of the users rely on the Search Engine to find the information mentioned there for commercial needs. Local Business listing fetches organic Search Engine traffic.

Benefits of Local Search Marketing:

  • Allows to target definite audiences by geographic location.
  • Leverages your business through customer intimacy.

Our optimization approach for your website

At speakalong.in, we understand the need of local search is trending in the market so, we assist you to achieve it. Attracting local customers and thereby, gain a competitive edge over local competitors is our prime mode to help our clients. We provide local services SEO for optimal positioning in different local listings for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The chief techniques that we implement to boost your Local Listing are

  • Choosing the Name of Your Company for Maximum Exposure.
  • Updated and accurate business information (Address, Contact Number, email).
  • Choosing the correct category.
  • Review of customer is important for any business, likewise in Local Search capturing our customer good review will help enhancing our Local Search Ranking.

In addition, there are other several factors employed by us to enhance the local search results and attract incoming traffic.

At speakalong.in, we are happy to discuss the details of your geo-targeting efforts.

At speakalong.in, we understand your need of generating revenue along with business expansion. Our team is constantly achieving your expectations as a part of our customer satisfaction policy. We ensure that result oriented services are provided to all our clients. Our tailor made Pay for Performance SEO is designed viably.

As per the standard search engines webmaster guidelines, neither any Search Engine Optimization Company has a special relationship nor can guarantee first results. We are no exception to this basic rule. We charge you only for SEO results that we deliver. Our guaranteed SEO services can achieve top 10 rankings for your website.

E-mail Marketing

Despite the fact that email is used by everyone, cut-throat email marketing needs to be devised timely. Since, this technique is cost-effective, it fetches incoming traffic to your website swiftly as compared to any other online marketing tool.

Being a fully integrated agency, speakalong.in can generate email campaigns and thus, boost your search engine traffic. The services cater to your website design aptly. Our in-house copywriters as well as web designers work together and develop fruitful email campaigns. A good email, to the right database, fetches suitable results. Talk to our strategists today and explore how email marketing can contribute to the growth of your business.

Our email marketing services helps you to draw in your customers in a short time-frame and cost-effective solutions are customized by our experts. Our email marketing solutions are sure-shot which increase your clients.

Why to Rely on Email Marketing ?

  • Fetches cost-effective results.
  • Quick turnaround times are visible.
  • Gives effective results in real-time.
  • Builds and strengthens branding and credibility.
  • Allows for testing, personalization and segmentation.
  • Reaches potential new customers and clients.
  • Drives sales, leads and revenue growth.
  • Boosts viral marketing opportunities.
  • Complements offline marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Can be highly targeted for specific demographics.

Our email services include:

  • Designing and creating the email blast.
  • Maintaining the email copy.
  • Subject line testing.
  • Creative testing.
  • Reporting.
  • Trigger based emails.
  • Strategy development for increasing list size.

Develop a solid and long-term relationship with your customers through cost-effective, targeted email marketing and advertising. The email marketing services of speakalong.in can be explored to know other add-ons lent to your business.

Online PR

  • What are your business goals and how would you like public relations to support them?
  • Who do you need to inform, influence or persuade?
  • Which publications and broadcast media would you like to feature in or on?
  • How can we support your other marketing activities to multiply the effect of your public relations investment?
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors and how can we make the most of this?

Work with speakalong.in and you’ll get honest, focused PR with several of fresh ideas.

Your company’s reputation is vital for the retention of your image in the market. It can bring in the right audience on the basis of your renowned services. A negative review needs to be kept away from the official site by every company, as it leaves a bad impact on hundreds or even thousands of customers who wish to subscribe to your services. A skilled Online PR firm plays an important role in maintaining your company’s online reputation. Most of all, authentic information is checked for before the content goes live.

It lies in the hand of blogger, whether to submit positive or negative feedback which can further influence your business accordingly.

Online PR is aimed at restoration of power balance to enable businesses to receive results. These are directly influenced by the strategies employed by the companies.

speakalong.in creates engaging content which increases the reputation of a brand, company, product or initiative on other websites. The target viewership of the site gradually reaches to an effective output.

Content Management System (CMS)

Want to handle the content of your website by yourself ? speakalong.in is here with its CMS customization solution. This solution helps the organizations and small companies to reduce their cost of website management. They can do it easily through CMS. Our developers and designers are experienced and trained in using the core php, ASPX, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and other popular platform.

CMS or content management system is a web-based application that helps in management of web content in proper manner. It can handle bulk text as well as illustrations conveniently. It allows the companies or individuals to update their own website in no time through document control, user management and publishing web content.

With CMS users can update their website whenever they want or at regular intervals without worrying about hiring someone technical to fulfill this task. You can frame the content of the website in sort intervals to obtain the substantial benefits like better sales, better visibility or increased traffic. Along with this you can manage the content on timely manner.

speakalong.in provides such CMS modules, which can be used for the development and edition of website or any type or size. In addition to this, we also develop customized CMS modules to clients who have specific needs. With this, you can sustain your special business requirements as per the current demand of the market.

At speakalong.in, we provide content management system for all types of sites like :

  • Corporate website
  • Campaign microsite
  • Corporate intranets portal
  • Online publication, e-magazine and e-newspapers
  • Online booking and reservations
  • E-commerce website
  • Government portal
  • Small business website
  • Community-based portals
  • Non-profit organization website
  • School and church website
  • Personal blog or portfolio website

Web Development

Our web design and development experts build content management or lead generation. Moreover, they come up with a full scale eCommerce site which is SEO-friendly driven. Our team evaluates your requirements and marketing goals, and thereby, develops a site beyond your expectations. Our in-house web experts are well trained and possess knowledge according to current trends.

We specialize in PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, and Adobe Flash.
How Our Web Design and Development Services Can Help You

When you select us for your web design and development services, we'll develop a website that:

  • Tells your story through captivating imagery, even without words.
  • Provides relevant information and clear, concise messaging that the visitor can easily relate to.
  • Applies the latest usability standards to generate a seamless user experience.
  • Is easy to navigate from page to page and concept to concept.
  • Is cross browser and platform compatible.
  • Features a site structure that is compatible with all the major search crawlers.

Contact speakalong.in today, to learn more about our web development services. How can our services provide you a website that reflects your business objectives is a prime aspect which can be known about ! You can even explore how our proficient team can assist you in attaining your goals and targets.

We provide SEO friendly web design, as well as various types of content creation services, so you can build a successful website without having to hire various contractors. From web design to choosing a CMS to promoting your site, we can help you get more clients. Contact us today for more information.

To achieve the best results online, it is important to combine brilliant website design with search marketing visibility. At speakalong.in our specialist team creates bespoke website designs based on the aims and objectives of our results. From complex e-commerce websites to fun and funky website designs, we have the right website design solution for you. Hence, for effective web marketing, choose a fully integrated agency, speakalong.in

Our Web Design and Development Contribution to your business
As you consider our services for your web designing and site’s development, we ensure that your site:

  • Is illustrated with enchanting images with the usage of lesser or no words.
  • Fetches precise information in its overall content for user-friendly experience.
  • Follows the standards which are prevalent in the business currently.
  • Can be navigated with ease in a systematic manner.
  • Comprises of proper structure so that users can relate to its information effectively.
  • Is capable for serving cross browsing option.


Internet has led to the development of latest financial ecosystem. E-commerce has become prevalent in today’s era. It offers swift and simple mode of trading regionally as well as globally.

What is E-Commerce ?

To be precise, E-commerce denotes the act of buying and selling of products or services of via internet. Generally, “electronic commerce” is referred to as encrypted online payments. At times, these operations include real-time funds’ transfer from buyer to seller. Alternatively, this activity is sometimes, handled manually through an EFT-POS terminal to ensure the smooth transactions.

Internet sales are rising rapidly as low prices attract consumers towards the wholesale supply of retail products. This trend will gradually boost the security of customers along with effective management of websites. Privacy matters are being improved too.

Our Services

By getting affiliated with us, you get a lifelong assistant by our experts. E-Commerce Web Design: Humans judge by appearances. Unfortunately, this is contextual in the spheres of human interaction. Judging by appearances is a basic human tendency which has been visible from primitive years. But, our talented designers know precisely, how to create the right front-end based according to your requirements.

E-Commerce Web Development: Back-end functionality is the engine that causes the activity of the entire system. Our proficient developers are well equipped to serve your purpose in an effectual manner.

Advantages of E-Commerce

The advent of Internet has created a niche for the modern means of trading, in the form of E-commerce. This revolutionary mode has several advantages to all sized businesses and clients but there are some drawbacks of the same too.

  • Swift trading process as well as easy monitoring of goods.
  • 24/7 trading has become possible.
  • Reach more clients without any regional boundaries.
  • Low operational costs with improved quality of services.
  • Effortless business startup and smooth operating.
  • Customers can easily select products from different suppliers virtually.

Display Advertising

Online advertising is a great way to increase the incoming online traffic of your website. As compared to other channels which offer basic guidance, display advertising lends you the flexibility to develop practical marketing ideas. These ideas can indeed commit measurable results and stabilize your business online.

Marketing messages is relevant for your target audience in terms of keeping them updated about your brand, drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Display advertisements are also essential for improving the performance achieved from your SEO and PPC investment. speakalong.in provides you web solutions to manage your display advertising !

Our Processes & Solutions:

  • Research - A comprehensive assessment of data and market trends is conducted with respect to your online campaign.
  • Strategic Planning - The best distribution and creative formats are identified along with the suitable vertical and demographic and behavioral considerations.
  • Proposal & Media Plan - A detailed breakdown of the strategy, rationale, positioning and costs is employed.
  • Optimize & Build Up - Continuously optimization of your activity throughout the period of the campaign and apply the lessons learned.
  • Our designing team helps you creatively and meets all your expectations by adhering to the guidelines of your brand. We, at speakalong.in, make your campaign presentable and develop all formats, including: Rich media (peels, takeovers, skys, banners, buttons, overlays, flash animated, video)
  • Email (solus or otherwise)
  • Exclusive sponsorship creative
  • Advertorials
  • Microsites

Our Services:

speakalong.in offers you pricing models to choose from. These are designed, keeping in mind, the objectives of the campaign to suit your commercial needs.

  • Increase brand visibility.
  • Offer precise targeting of key demographics.
  • Manage and monitor campaigns.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Our top priority is to attract the highest possible ROI in the quickest amount of time while working for you. We offer you fruitful output for your company and value your business in the ideal way. Throughout the entire process, we plan different ways to maximize your return on investment. Take a look at the above diagram on how we would approach our digital marketing ROI

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